System z strengthens security, economics with zIIP engine

News on the System z Integrated Information Processor (zIIP): Computerworld quotes Robert Francis Group analyst Jerry Murphy:  the reason a company might want to use a mainframe specialty processor “is fundamentally economics….You’re saving all those MIPS charges that would be associated with having them on a general-purpose processor.” InformationWeek reports: New high-speed processor for the z9 accelerates data-intensive ERP, CRM, and business intelligence applications. :  “The zIIP frees up computing capacity, reduces costs and optimizes performance in several areas, including database, business intelligence and customer relations management”.

by Timothy Sipples January 30, 2006
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New mainframers linking up through zNextGen

A heads-up to new mainframers looking for a chance to network with others like yourself: the zNextGen community is meeting at the SHARE conference in Seattle, WA, March 5-10, 2006. 

When zNextGen kicked off at SHARE in Boston last year, its organizers were amazed at the turnout – Dillon’s Restaurant & Bar, where the kickoff event was held, was overflowing with folks who were unmistakably enthusiastic about mainframes (and free beer).  The zNextGen community was off to a roaring start!

Programmers, developers, IT students and new or recently hired “large systems” employees are all invited to join zNextGen -- one of its primary goals is to give new mainframers a forum to interact with and learn from each other.  Events are planned throughout the week at SHARE in Seattle to make the conference the best experience possible for new mainframers.

For more information on the zNextGen community, there’s a great Computerworld article here

If you can’t make it to SHARE, there are still plenty of other ways to get involved and have your voice heard as the zNextGen effort continues to expand.  Send inquiries to Mike Todd at  Hope to hear from you!

by Christopher Baran January 25, 2006
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Mainframe Security article

Good article in eServer Magazine - The Emerging Importance of Security

by Timothy Sipples January 17, 2006
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European 2006 z9 and zSeries Conference

Just a quick plug for this conference. I'm very lucky to present at it every year. "Lucky" because I get great education, plus a chance to catch up with friends, developers and customers (not that these are in any way mutually exclusive categories). :-) And I expect most participants see it the same way - particularly customers as that's the point after all.

The conference website is here. If you want to see what I'm presenting on go here.

Now is anyone else who frequents this blog going? I would certainly hope so though I expect quite a few participants will be going to the one in Orlando in the Fall. In which case I hope to see you there as well.

by MartinPacker January 12, 2006
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