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The emergence of 3D Internet and Virtual Worlds was mentioned on the blog before, especially since Hoplon is running on the Mainframe, as James wrote in his piece. The industry and news outlets are picking up the trend around these metaverses, Reuters has opened a news office in the virtual world, manned by a real world media journalist. He just wrote an interesting article "IBM eyes move into Second Life ‘v-business’".Snapshot004_002

I can see a huge potential for a 3D, highly immersive, presence-aware front to the tons of data stored on the Mainfame and the uncountable business processes running on the big iron. It will be interesting to see who first comes out with a SecondLife gadget that is linked directly to a CICS trans.

by Boas Betzler October 25, 2006 in Innovation
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Strong Mainframe Growth Continues

IBM announced 3rd quarter earnings yesterday afternoon. reported the details, along with other financial news outlets. System z hardware revenues surged 25% versus 3Q2005 (then the first quarter of System z9-109 sales). Software, particularly WebSphere and Tivoli, also did extremely well. Both those software brands have huge System z portfolios, it's worth noting.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that unit shipments ("MIPS") must have grown more than 25% since price per unit is declining.

Just one word: wow.

by Timothy Sipples October 18, 2006 in Future
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Day of the Dead: Cobol as a flesh-eating zombie

Link: Cobol Coders: Going, Going, Gone?.

Just kidding about the necrosis. Here is yet another piece of research that shows just how far from dead Cobol is. Its not just about maintenance - on the contrary there is plenty of fresh meat out there.

We're gradually migrating away from it. Oh sure you are. Brains...

by James Governor October 16, 2006
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More spaceships built on the mainframe than any other platform

On Illuminata Perspectives, Gordon Haff compares a MMOG (massive multiplayer online game) run on a mainframe, Hoplon Infotainment, with a game that uses a massive cluster of servers.  Haff credits the mainframe with flexibility in adding more software features for the players, the economies and abilities in scaling, and security and reliability.

Per James' earlier post, Hoplon CEO Tarquinio Teles discusses this further on RedMonk Radio.     


by Timothy Sipples October 11, 2006 in Innovation
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Can SOA heal Achromatopsia?

One of the theories I have formed is that among System Programmers, the rate of color blindness is exceptionally high. Why else would IBM augment green screens with Redbooks. Have you ever wondered about these Redbooks? Rbhome

If so, you don't want to miss to listen to this interview

Download Interview1.mp3

I conducted with Alex Louwe-Kooijmans, he is with the IBM System z Center and I asked him all about

  1. the Redbook mission
  2. his recent paper "The Value of the IBM System z and z/OS in Service-Oriented Architecture" 
  3. and how all you readers of the Mainframe Blog can become authors of Red documents.

If you are not off to do the Ishihara color test you might want to tune in to the SOA demystified event.

by Boas Betzler October 9, 2006 in Systems Technology
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Coolness: Running a massive online game on System z

Link: People Over Process: RedMonk Radio Episode 27 - Games and Mainframes, Hoplon.

The link above points to RedMonk Radio. Its a shortish episode-less than 30 minutes, and you'll find out why and how new interactive gaming company Hoplon chose System z as the basis for their forthcoming space adventure game. The key advantages - i/o and no upfront costs. IBM is coming up with some very interesting financial models for customers with interesting ideas for z...

So far its in development. Expect a follow up from us when they get into production.

by James Governor October 9, 2006
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No Coder Left Behind

A Mainframe easy enough for my brother's kids

As escalating IT security threats, datacenter utility bills and other market conditions continue to drive new customers to the mainframe,  we're noticing an increased demand for mainframe skills.  While a cadre of initiatives over the past few years like the Master the Mainframe contest have produced over 15,000 new mainframe skills, today IBM announced a goal to turn every computer science student in the world into a mainframe-capable coder or administrator by 2011.  This is supported by a $100 million investment to make the platform so simple that even a windows programmer can use it <g>

As the character in Mainframe meets "The Office" said, "let me explain it to you like you're my brothers' kids:"  The new z/OS V1.8 includes a sharp GUI, which stands for "pretty pictures," as well as other tools to make life simple, including a "personal trainer" which checks out the system and makes adjustments and fixes.  And a new web resource, the z/OS Basic Skills Information Center, designed specifically for IT professionals who are new to the mainframe and z/OS.

Coders, switch to the mainframe.  No skills?... no problem.

by rjhoey October 4, 2006 in Application Development
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