New Mainframe Master Attends High School

A warm congratulations to 11th grader Sushen Patel who bested 1,749 college students (mostly) to win the 2007 Master the Mainframe Contest. Sushen managed to finish the tough Part 3 with the fastest time, and he'll receive a Ninendo Wii game console as a reward. (Maybe that'll slow him down next time?) Sushen attends Highland Park High School in Dallas.

This past semester's contest drew a record number of contestants from 325 educational institutions across the U.S. and Canada. (Others could and did participate from around the world, although only the North Americans could win prizes. Such are the legal issues, I guess.) Many submitted photos of themselves. I hope everyone had fun, and I know IBM certainly enjoyed awarding the nearly 1,000 prizes. If you participated, congratulations as well: you're already ahead of your peers.

Update: Computerworld and NetworkWorld both published interesting stories about zNextGen, SHARE's group of new and aspiring mainframe professionals and their mentors.

by Timothy Sipples January 30, 2008 in Contest


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