Your Home Mainframe?

I've had fun contemplating having a real mainframe in my home. So it's with great interest that I watch this z890 for sale on eBay.

Please don't outbid me.

Update #1: Darn, I didn't win. Congratulations, packman3, you're now the proud owner of a dual IFL (only) z890 at the attractive price of $40,000 (plus pick-up in Florida). Nice job!

Update #2: Check out the comments. Packman3 says this machine really is a 2086-160 model with two IFLs and 32 GB of memory. Good deal!

Update #3: The seller talks to Computerworld.

by Timothy Sipples January 18, 2008 in Economics


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Mr Sipples,

You are out of you league here, yes the 2086 has two IFL engines but you neglected to mention that it has an active processor setting of 160 and that it also has 32gb of memory, I'm in the mainframe market i.e that's would I do for a living (buy and sell mainframes) this machine will sell for approx 130-150,000 on the used market, I already have IBM scheduled to go in, pack it, and certify it eligible for maintenance, I was expecting to pay at least 60K for it, so thanks for the good job comment, appreciate it, stick to laptops.

Posted by: Packman3 | Jan 24, 2008 4:29:31 PM

The eBay listing says it has a 0 CP / downgrade configuration. If it's actually a 2086-160 with two IFLs and 32 GB, yes indeed, you certainly did very well. Congratulations again.

Just out of curiosity, what is the current approximate price for a used z800 (let's say the 2066-0E1) or smallest z890 (2086-110), with standard 8 GB memory and no IFLs?

Posted by: Timothy | Jan 25, 2008 4:24:18 AM

2066-0E1 (has 1 x standard IFL) $15K

2086-110 (35K)

Posted by: Packman3 | Jan 25, 2008 11:50:04 AM

Oh well, I guess you should try again if another comes up. I'd _love_ to see that picture of a MAINFRAME running in your HOUSE...

Posted by: mike3 | Mar 29, 2008 9:26:11 PM

OK.. This is going to sound like a DUMB question, but I'm really serious here... A friend of mine is trying to learn how to script some "screen scraping" programming using Attachmate 3270 software for windows..

I had the idea of using an old, cheap 3174 connected by Coax to his workstation, just to give him an opportunity to learn to program to this, but I thought that CERTAINLY there must be some open sourced, PC based server software that would allow us to do some ip 3270 gateway configuration so we can have an actual application running rather than just a config screen from a disconnected 3174..??

Are you aware of any PC based 3270 HOSTS?


Posted by: steve jones | Aug 20, 2009 11:03:41 PM

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