New York Times: "Why Old Technologies Are Still Kicking"

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New York Times: "Why Old Technologies Are Still Kicking"

Few readers of this blog are unfamiliar with Stewart Alsop's 1991 claim that in five years' time the last mainframe would be unplugged.  It's become a piece of good humor over the years - with even Stewart himself sharing in the laugh by appearing in the pages of one of IBM's annual reports to "eat his words."

Still, the issue has always been one considered from the point of "if."

On Sunday, the New York Times took a "why" look at the dynamics behind the comings and goings - and mostly the staying power - of various technologies.  The article is called "Why Old Technologies Are Still Kicking," and is certainly worth a read.

Front and center in this reporting is the IBM mainframe.  The article even includes a colorful (well, one of them is in color) pair of mainframe photos that not only show how far the mainframe has come, but how far fashion and hair style seem to have evolved during the mainframe's lineage.  See below (and be sure to check out the Times article).


by Kevin Acocella March 25, 2008 in History


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You know Stewart was a good enough sport to come into IBM and eat his own words? I hope IBM has a video of that somewhere. it was hilarious

Posted by: James Governor | Apr 18, 2008 8:55:05 AM

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