Random Mainframe News for Early July, 2009

The Mainframe Blog takes no summer (northern hemisphere) vacation, nor does mainframe-related news. Here are pointers to the recent mainframe stories and happenings that interest me and hopefully you as well.

  1. IBM is introducing a free development tool for Enterprise Generation Language (EGL) which is highly relevant to System z. EGL is a 4th generation language (4GL): easy to learn, powerful, and easy to maintain. The runtime for the free tool is any operating system with Java capability, including z/OS and Linux on System z. I like free stuff.
  2. Analyst firm Clipper Group published a new whitepaper: System z as a Cloud for Business Services.
  3. CA published this paper: Usage and Plans for Mainframe Linux.
  4. IBM released WebSphere Application Server for Developers. Also free. You can install this version on any PC (Linux or Windows). Everybody using WAS for Developers is also already a mainframe developer. What you run on WAS for Developers can also run on WebSphere Application Server for z/OS and WebSphere Application Server for Linux on z.
  5. IBM has several teleconferences/webcasts scheduled (usually with replays available if you cannot join live): Misconceptions and Old Wives Tales on DB2 Database Maintenance and Recovery (July 7), Get Smart IMS Applications with COBOL and Java Interoperability (July 14), DB2 9 for z/OS Utilities: Best Practices Update (July 21), CICS and Rational: Increase Business Agility Through Innovative Tooling (July 22), and IMS Connect Extensions: Revealing the Secrets of IMS Connect (July 28). UPDATE: There's also Tivoli Provisioning Manager for Linux on System z: 64-Bit Benchmark Results (July 16).
  6. DataDirect's Gregg Willhoit thinks there ought to be better (and more) TPC-style mainframe benchmarks, especially for specialty engine exploitation measurements.
  7. Congratulations to KLM which has now fully upgraded to 64-bit z/TPF technology. (I mentioned JAL's upgrade previously.)
  8. Craig Gentry at IBM Research has solved a decades-long cryptographic riddle: is it possible to design an encryption scheme that allows calculations to be performed on the encrypted data without compromising the underlying secrets? Yes, it is possible, at least given a few years to solve the remaining engineering issues. This breakthrough should help make encryption much more convenient and promote more widespread adoption.
  9. The 2009 Australian "Master the Mainframe" contest is now running.
  10. Congratulations to Westpac which is now fighting bank fraud with ACI Worldwide's Proactive Risk Manager running on System z.
  11. From Slashdot: "Microsoft Backed-Firm Says IBM Is Anticompetitive."
  12. Tom's Hardware, a Web site which normally focuses on PC technologies, spent a lot of time developing a section entitled "A Complete History of Mainframe Computing." One of the section's pages discusses the System z10 Enterprise Class. Some of the technical details are not quite correct, starting with the name of the mainframe (they say "eServer zSeries E64"). But it's quite nice they made the effort. (UPDATE: The author has now revised the article to correct the minor technical errors.) Tom's Hardware likes good hardware design, and it's clear the author appreciates the System z10.
  13. eWeek reports that BMC's mainframe push is paying dividends: growth in their business.
  14. Meet Audible Mainframe, a hip-hop band originally from Boston. (Heads up: there are a couple "F word" utterances toward the end.)

by Timothy Sipples July 1, 2009 in Events, Innovation


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Tim, Any idea who came up with their name, Audible Mainframe? I know they claim to be the place where "man meets machine" ... but are they all former sys progs or just adoring fans of the mainframe?

Posted by: Denise | Jul 16, 2009 1:59:46 PM

I'm not sure, but good for them!

Posted by: Timothy | Jul 16, 2009 10:18:55 PM

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