U.S. Air Force Mainframer Celebrates 50 Years of Service

Congratulations to Jerry Chalker, who celebrated 50 years of service to the U.S. Air Force Reserve Command. Chalker works at Robins Air Force Base near Macon, Georgia. According to the article, Chalker has been a computer technician for 50 years. "As technology accelerated, Chalker stayed on the cutting edge, working with mainframe computers instead of punchcards."

Chalker currently writes software to encrypt classified documents and communications, and he says his 2009 work is quite similar to his 1959 work, when he was paid $1.58 per hour: "We had an input and we had an output and we have the same thing today. It’s just done faster."

"Chalker has been eligible to retire with full pension and benefits for the past 15 years. In reading a brief biography of Chalker, Chief Master Sgt. Kathy Gregory had a bit of news for the Air Force Reserve Command staff. 'Mr. Chalker has no immediate plans to retire,' she said. The office instantly broke into cheers."

by Timothy Sipples October 16, 2009 in People


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I was quite happy to notice that its another big celebration moment for my native Finland. This autumn brought 50 years of computers in Finland. And computers have been a very significant part of my life and professional career, so I have plenty to be personally happy about it too.

Posted by: micro sd | Dec 14, 2009 7:49:45 AM

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