IBM Eating Its Own zAnalytics Cooking

Let's go right to IBM's press release:

IBM today announced the world's largest private cloud computing environment for business analytics, which will provide IBM sales teams and developers new levels of insight to better meet the needs of clients worldwide. The cloud will launch initially with more than a petabyte of data, the equivalent of more than 300 billion ATM transactions.

IBM also announced a new solution, the IBM Smart Analytics Cloud, for clients to build their own private cloud environments based on the same Cloud infrastructure that IBM is using internally....

"Blue Insight" will run on a System z10 mainframe computer with 48 processors (32 processors for production, 18 processors for development and test environments) and strong cryptography — capable of handling up to 10,000 secure transactions per second, with redundant backup support.

The steady drumbeat continues. It is quite obvious that IBM has a clear and strong vision (and reality) to promote System z for business intelligence applications. Is your organization understanding yet what IBM is delivering?

by Timothy Sipples November 17, 2009 in Innovation
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How Much Do Architects Need to Know About Mainframes?

David Stephens asks an interesting question and tries to answer it. I find a lot to agree with in his article — and I might also have a few quibbles. Example: z/OS (which I assume the author meant) is exactly UNIXTM. It is much more, too, of course.

There's a certain expectation that IT architects have superhuman talent, and I hesitate to pile onto the "architects need to know more to be competent" bandwagon too much. However, to expand on David's article a bit, I observe many IT architects struggling with cost and economic factors. Or, more strongly, I see many totally botching it, designing solutions with a weak grasp of true total costs. I have been fortunate to work with some smart people who understand IT cost patterns to an exceptional degree, and I have become a much better architect working with them. I would encourage other architects to seek out similar experiences.

by Timothy Sipples November 11, 2009 in People
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