Migrate from Mainframe? To What?

Merv Adrian from Clabby Analytics challenges Gartner (in particular) in a very pointed article on Gartner's (sometime) mainframe migration advice and their apparent commercial conflicts. Adrian writes:

Gartner, the industry’s preeminent information technology (IT) research and analysis firm, has published several reports and case studies over the past few years that promote the idea that IT buyers should migrate their applications off of mainframes and move them to other, more "modern platforms." Part of Gartner’s logic, it appears, is that there is an impending-doom shortage of mainframe managers that is about to occur as elderly mainframe managers retire — so Gartner implies that moving applications to other "more modern" platforms might ensure the long term viability of enterprise applications on those platforms.

I have two major issues with Gartner’s perspective and its recommendation:

  1. Where is the proof that mainframe skills will decline to critical levels over the next several years? And,
  2. Which “modern platform” is Gartner advocating?

Just go read the whole article. I am curious to read Gartner's reply.

by Timothy Sipples July 1, 2010 in Future


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I didn't write the piece; Joe did. And we are two separate firms, just for the record. I invited him to post the piece on my blog because I thought it had a lot of important things to say. I just followed the link back here and realized that I ought to correct the impression.

Posted by: Merv Adrian | Dec 15, 2010 7:33:14 PM

There are quite a few platforms that are quite exciting and can save companies a lot of cost when it comes to migrate the test regions from mainframe to these platforms.
But migrating production to the newer platforms is not a wiser choice. Processing millions and billions of transactions can still be handled by mainframes only.


Posted by: vikas | Dec 16, 2010 1:00:01 PM

"Processing millions and billions of transactions can still be handled by mainframes only"

Really :-)? What about Google?

Posted by: VViki | Jan 4, 2011 8:27:22 AM

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