Welcome, Senegal Customs!

Congratulations to the Customs Directorate of Senegal's Ministry of Finance which is placing into service a new, real-time customs processing system for their officers at all 30 border checkpoints. CFAO Technologies is implementing the new solution which is expected to enter service later this month. Computing technologies include System z10 mainframes, z/OS, and Parallel Sysplex. Simon Pierre Thiaw, CIO of the Customs Directorate, said this:

Senegal's import and export business plays a key role in the economy of the country. By implementing some of the most advanced and powerful IT systems available, we are able to transform our customs processes and ensure that the work we do is performed as accurately and efficiently as possible. While we considered alternative offerings from other vendors, we were convinced by the price/performance ratio of the IBM system.

Senegal is a growing country in western Africa and home to about 14 million people.

by Timothy Sipples February 9, 2011 in Current Affairs, z/OS


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The press release makes it sound like Senegal Ministry of Finance is a brand new z/OS customer ("...joins a growing number of organizations and companies ... that are deploying IBM mainframe"). But is this really the case? The press release also talks about "the Ministry's previous IT system". Did the previous system also run on z/OS or OS/390? What hardware did it use? Is this in fact simply an upgrade of the previous system to run on more recent hardware? The press release talks about two z10 mainframes. Presumably these are z10BC. What is the exact model? How many MIPS and how many TB of DASD is involved? Could they have got an even better price/performance ratio if they had been allowed to host the z/OS application on commodity servers using virtualization techniques like Hercules?

Posted by: Roger Bowler | Apr 4, 2011 7:40:02 AM

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