Foxconn Needs a Mainframe

Until Foxconn shut down its servers (so that nobody can place manufacturing orders), everybody could place orders.

Foxconn manufactures products on behalf of many well-known companies, including Apple.

by Timothy Sipples February 9, 2012 in Security
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Up is the New Down

M.G. Siegler astutely compares Apple and Microsoft with this powerful observation:

Apple’s iPhone business alone is larger than all of Microsoft’s businesses combined. And — just as remarkably — if you took away Apple’s iPhone business... the remaining Apple businesses would still be larger than Microsoft’s total business.

Mainframes are enjoying a sustained renaissance while, increasingly, many observers are wondering if the PC is dead. (No, in my view, but they're getting progressively less important as time passes. Although IBM's management certainly made the right call in exiting the PC business.)

Welcome to the future. Isn't it exciting?

by Timothy Sipples February 6, 2012 in Current Affairs, Future
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Verisign Needs a Mainframe

Versign, which Symantec partly acquired in 2010, was hacked. The extent of the data breach is unknown.

Verisign has admitted it was hacked repeatedly in 2010 and could not pin down what data was stolen.

by Timothy Sipples February 2, 2012 in Security, Web Technology
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