VM and Linux Workshop 2012, University of Kentucky

VM Workshop lives!

For those who have not heard, the VM Workshop, that incredibly geeky even from last century, has been resurrected. Naturally, with Linux being such a big part of virtualization, and Linux on System z being an increasingly popular business platform, the party is now called "VM and Linux Workshop". But it's the same awesome gathering of system programmers with limitted adult supervision.

Last year, we gathered at the Ohio State University. This year, the University of Kentucky will be our host. In keeping with workshop tradition, dormitory residence is one of the options for accommodations. (Not mandatory. You can stay at a hotel. You can even bring your RV if you like, as long as you share your satellite internet service.) And the price can't be beat: $100 for the full conference.

If you are using Linux on System z, this conference is for you.

If you are using z/VM, this conference is for you.

For more information, and to register, see the workshop web site ...


That's right ... $100 for three days of high-tech hob-knobbing.

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by sirsanta May 30, 2012
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NASDAQ Needs a Mainframe

NASDAQ needs a mainframe with mainframe software engineering.

by Timothy Sipples May 21, 2012 in Application Development, Financial
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Explosion of New Mainframe Software

I continue to marvel at how much new mainframe software is being introduced, and not just from IBM. Let's take a quick and necessarily incomplete tour:

  • IBM Financial Transaction Manager: Provides new and enhanced, pre-built, ready-to-roll support for financial industry transactions and messaging via SWIFT, as one example.
  • Tivoli System Automation Version 3.4: Extend automation throughout the zEnterprise and beyond, across many types of virtualized environments. A very important ingredient in successful cloud deployments now.
  • WebSphere Operational Decision Management: Add business rules flexibility to your enterprise applications, regardless of programming language. Helps dramatically cut down on the amount of coding you need to do.
  • WebSphere eXtreme Scale Version 8.5 and WebSphere Application Server Version 8.5: Exciting for their performance, support for the latest cutting edge Java Enterprise Edition standards, and the new lightweight Liberty Profile deployment option.
  • Business Process Manager Version 8.0 and Business Monitor Version 8.0: New iPhone/iPad capabilities for viewing, managing, and participating in sophisticated, optimized business processes.
  • CICS Transaction Server Version 5.1: Lots of improvements, including CICS's very own sophisticated, standards-based Web user interface environment (with JSPs, etc.), support for the WebSphere Liberty Profile, a big leap in Java performance and flexibility, pre-configured MQ DPL support for containers (no more 32K limit!), and lots more 64-bit support, among other features. A beta version of CICS TS 5.1 will be publicly available for download.
  • CPLEX Optimizer: Lots of mathematical optimization routines, ready to use right from your core applications on your mainframe.
  • Tivoli OMEGAMON XE Version 5.1: Wow, they dramatically enhanced the 3270 interface and made the graphical interface easier to deploy. I love the new interface!
  • GT.M from FIS Global: This is a very high performance key-value "NoSQL" database, available as open source on PCs for developers but also now available on z/OS and Linux on z with full support from FIS. GT.M is the foundation for FIS PROFILE core banking applications (now available for z/OS as well), but it is also a very popular execution environment for applications written in the M programming language, also known as MUMPS. The healthcare industry is chock full of important MUMPS applications, including the open source VistA software created by the U.S. Veterans Administration. Thus GT.M provides a wonderful new option for consolidating and simplifying thousands of healthcare industry applications onto IBM zEnterprise, some of which are still running on old DEC VMS systems, many of which are mission-critical.

    by Timothy Sipples May 10, 2012 in Application Development, Cloud Computing, Innovation
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New Mainframe Thinking at Canada's Department of National Defence

John Palmer pens an interesting article about the Canadian military's approach to enterprise computing in a publication aimed at government purchasing departments. DND's new IBM mainframes are vital in reducing costs for taxpayers, and they're also extremely well suited to Canada's new shared services approach to computing. They also happen to be rock solid reliable and secure — rather important attributes to a military organization.

by Timothy Sipples May 10, 2012 in Economics, People
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