LinkedIn Needs a Mainframe

Hackers have stolen over 6 million user passwords from LinkedIn, a popular social media site catering to business professionals.

UPDATE: eHarmony needs to marry a mainframe, while needs to tune into a mainframe.

by Timothy Sipples June 6, 2012 in Security
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HP to Port HP-UX to Intel X86

New HP CEO Meg Whitman announced that her company will port HP-UX from Intel Itanium to Intel X86. That represents a complete reversal of HP's early statements, including engineering claims that such a port would run into substantial "big endian" v. "little endian" problems. Her announcement also doesn't mean anybody else will port anything else. An HP-UX port is mostly irrelevant if there's no middleware in the pipeline.

And what happens to HP NonStop and VMS? Whitman didn't say.

It's time to make the move, and zEnterprise is a terrific place for HP-UX, NonStop, and VMS customers to land.

by Timothy Sipples June 6, 2012
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