A Newcomer for Dinner

I posted in another journal about a certain unnamed newcomer. (We're talking program here, not a person.) It's a game changer, at least for me and my circle of friends.

The new thingy was a hot topic at a recent dinner. I was out with friends, and discussion eventually landed on this subject.

Dining in Dread

All of as at the table have made a career using "the old thing". We don't reject the new thing, but cannot help notice a lack of important features and function. (See my other post, "Performance Matters ... and why".) So we're more than a little worried. The focus of technology is often hyped. It's tough to see the real value in one product versus another.

Discussing Doozeys

You know the phrase "it's a doozie". It means something that is extreme. Historically, it means something very good, well made, luxurious, excellent. Formally, it's a "Duesy", a Duesenberg, in its day possibly the best car made. (Certainly the most expensive and of unquestioned quality.) They won races and set records and were beatiful. But Duesenbergs were built by hand and could not keep up with cars built via assembly line (Ford, Olds, others).

Gagging on Good Enough

My personal fear is that the majority will use the newer program either ignorantly or having decided that they don't need the better performance and substantial instrumentation of the older program. Sadly, many go the route of "good enough" and get by, ignoring the dollars and sense lost in having to compensate.

Then again, sometimes you just need a Model T. Then again, few of us drive the low end model these days.

Sunset on Solaris

I leave this new thing unnamed, the thing I am bemoaning. It will be outed soon enough. It could be anything. Consider Solaris -vs- Linux. Linux was the newcomer. Solaris was solid. Frankly, Solaris was the better Unix at the start and remained technically superior for many years. (Some would say even now.) Being a Linux aficionado, my statements favoring Solaris are validated. But I can't use Solaris, partly because it is proprietary, partly because the mainframe port was quashed, and partly because I just don't have time.

My hope is that "the new thing" will acquire the most important features of "the old thing". If you cut through the bloat in Linux, and the barnacles attached to it, you see that it has picked up several of the better features of Solaris. We gotta see more of that.

In any case, I ask you, please ... always pursue the best.  Don't settle for "good enough".


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