About The Mainframe Blog

First, let's start with the easy part: this is a blog. That's short for "Web log." A log is a large piece of unprocessed wood, occasionally used to build cabins. A log is also a written record of notable events and topical issues, similar to a journal, occasionally written by captains.

Second, this blog presents a diverse range of views on mainframes and mainframe technologies. Our writers tend to concentrate on IBM mainframes. Mainframes are special.

Third, this mainframe blog is not just any mainframe blog. It is The Mainframe Blog, an allusion to the fact that the IBM Corporation, a technology company of some note, launched this blog in 2005, paying TypePad (our esteemed host) their standard fee. Then IBM handed the blog keys to several people, including people who do not work for IBM and at least one person who is not the world's finest Web designer. (We have not had many requests to license our logo, for example.) IBM did not say much except, "It's called The Mainframe Blog, so perhaps you will want to write something insightful and witty about mainframes. Just don't even think about claiming that anything you write represents IBM's views. Have a nice day."

Thus The Mainframe Blog was born, retaining and even amplifying its edgy voice ever since. You can expect an irregularly constant (or constantly irregular?) series of blog entries that explore all facets of mainframe computing. Please stop by often.

Please also take a few moments to post your comments to our blog entries. If you keep impressing us with your wisdom and wit, we may track you down and invite you to become an editor, with a bigger soapbox and megaphone, and a great pension plan. But please, no calls: there is no application process.