Facts or foils?

Everyone knows that the history of the mainframe is full of technology leadership. The plethora of information and data overload leaves many unaware that technology leadership is something of mainframe present.

A little trivia: What was the first 64-bit Linux platform for the SAP Application Server?
Answer: The mainframe, another first in May 2002.

No coincidence, since in the same IBM Lab that we ported Linux to the big iron, another team is working with SAP for the last 10 years now. Back in 1996 they had SAP for DB2 running on OS/390. I have huge respect for these guys, they have an incredible depth of expertise both with large server installations and running a SAP production environment.
So this week, when I finally returned from a trip that had me stuck on the London airport due to the work actions of the airline, that porting team told me about customer Baldor. They had met with the customer on short notice and did not have foils with them to present. Therefore they ended up just having a general discussion about the mainframe and SAP. The discussion continued through lunch. The result shows again how real facts are more important than fancy foils. And real facts, the mainframe does have to offer. More on the story also here.

The SAP community is quite active on blogging themselves. Want to get the most out of DB2 for zOS? Try this. Or find a review of more SAP on a blog on Oracle.

Keep punching those cards!

by Boas Betzler August 18, 2005


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