Well if its good enough for Ed Brill

Its good enough for the mainframe blog. Ed points to ZDNet on mainframe for service oriented architecture.

Vendors are getting excited about the opportunity.

Neon Systems has a mainframe SOA pitch here.

Hostbridge too.

Joe McKendrick at SOA blog wants to know where generation z is. Right here man...

He asks:

"The question is, can we grow a Generation 'Z' (as in zSeries) that will be able to run these behemoths, as well as Unix and other back-end systems, and ensure the viability and scalability of future SOAs?"

A great great answer to the question came in comments on today's entry from new Mainframe blogger BMC's Peter Armstrong.

These are the words of 20 year old Kyle Horton:

"I’m new to the mainframe, only being exposed to it in the past 2 months as an intern at Kohls, but an avid user of distributed systems all my life, just like every young college student today. I myself see these systems striving to have the stability, availability, security, and virtualization found in mvs, most notably the availibility "The accessibility of a system resource in a timely manner; for example, the measurement of a system's uptime." and the powerful virtualization. These two aforementioned characteristics which i have noticed cannot be compared to any supplimentary utility product(VMware) in the distributed systmes world in their effectiveness."

by James Governor August 4, 2005 in Innovation


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