Virtualize the Data Center and Minimize the Power Spend

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Virtualize the Data Center and Minimize the Power Spend

IBM just wrapped up a press conference in NYC to announce a major program which helps clients cut energy costs by targetting their data centers - and making them greener than ever before.  Click here for the details.

It was extermely encouraging to see that virtualization technology was a HUGE part of this initiative.  Customers in governement and enterprise are beginning to look at virtualization as a key tool in the battle against rising energy costs.  The mainframe offers a pretty simple proposition here: do more with less. Be efficient. 

Distributed, windows-based server farms are quickly becoming the gas-guzzling SUVs of the data center  -and now the industry is finally coming around to admiting it.  Even Wall Street analysts have recently made the connection between declining x86 server sales and the rise of virtualization - and power-sipping systems like the mainframe are where a lot of those workloads are going.

IBM is demonstrating its approach to these efficiency issues in Second Life in a brand new video - and the mainframe is a star.  It's looking pretty good too.  Be sure to check out the video - filmed entirely from within Second Life.


by Kevin Acocella May 10, 2007 in Economics


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