2Q2008 IBM Earnings

IBM CFO Mark Loughridge highlighted these facts from IBM's 2Q2008 earnings results:

1. System z revenue was up 32 percent for the quarter (year over year); capacity ("MIPS") grew 34 percent. That means System z gained marketshare again. It also means customers keep getting lower per-MIPS pricing, especially for non-U.S. dollar buyers. (That's just simple math.)

2. Loughridge said, "...frankly, we were sold out." Apparently IBM built System z machines as fast as it could in the quarter, and it still wasn't enough to satisfy demand.

3. System z demand was particularly strong in Europe and the Americas, and in the financial sector.

4. IBM shipped a record number of System z specialty engines in the quarter, indicating strong demand for placing new applications on the mainframe.

5. In June, IBM sold its first mainframe ever in Vietnam, to a financial institution.

by Timothy Sipples July 17, 2008 in Economics


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