Vern Watts: Computing Pioneer

Vern Watts died on April 4, 2009, at the age of 77. He is widely and famously known as the "Father of IMS" because of his multi-decade role as its chief architect, beginning when IMS began. He "retired" in 2004 after 48 years, but Vern never left IMS or IBM. As "Distinguished Engineer Emeritus" he worked at IBM two days per week until he passed, mentoring and advising colleagues, and extending his IBM career to well over half a century. (He also worked three days per week at ScaleDB after his "retirement.") He is survived by his loving wife, Carol, several other family members, and, of course, the amazing IMS middleware, with the new Version 11 now undergoing testing. His incredible work lives on, every minute, round the clock and around the world.

by Timothy Sipples April 19, 2009


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With all my respects...Wish you a happy life inside earth!!!!

Posted by: Nguyen Hai Thanh | May 22, 2009 3:54:03 AM

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