More Price Reductions

While other vendors keep increasing prices, IBM announced a broad set of price reductions for its mainframe-related product offerings. Here are the highlights:

1. IBM reduced the price of IFLs (Linux engines) on System z10 EC machines by 40%. (With this latest reduction, by my calculation IBM has reduced the price of mainframe Linux hardware capacity by over 88% since the z900 shipped at the end of 2000.)

2. IBM announced a set of 7 "Solution Edition" offerings. They are complete packages that all include hardware capacity, multi-year hardware maintenance, software licenses (including z/OS), and multi-year software subscription and support. The whole kit is priced aggressively compared to the best solution competition can offer. In other words, buyers get all the superior mainframe qualities of service and cost-saving benefits for a simplified, take-no-prisoners, straight-up multi-year TCA (Total Cost of Acquisition) that won't require any special justification or analysis. The Solution Edition offerings are available now, worldwide, to all new and existing mainframe customers, for new applications that fit any of the following broad categories: Data Warehousing, Modern Application Development, ACI Financial Applications, SAP Applications, Business Resilience (GDPS), Enterprise Security Hub, and Java Application Server Consolidation.

by Timothy Sipples August 6, 2009 in Economics


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Price reductions, price improvements, price adjustments, it doesn't matter what you call it, nobody wants to hear about lowering prices except a buyer. In slow markets and buyer's markets, it's not unusual for sellers to point fingers at the agents and agents to point fingers at seller's unrealistic expectations for a price.

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