Sony Needs a Mainframe (Update: Starbucks Singapore, Too)

Sony's Playstation Network, Sony Entertainment Japan, Sony Music Greece, and Sony Ericsson Canada have all been hacked.

UPDATE #1: Skype... er, Microsoft... needs a mainframe, too.

UPDATE #2: Starbucks needs a mainframe, at least in Singapore. I tried to use my Starbucks card to pay for my coffee this morning, but the barista informed me that "the servers are down in Singapore." So Starbucks cards don't work reliably at Starbucks.

UPDATE #3: Sony still needs a mainframe. Sony Pictures has also been hacked. Meanwhile, Starbucks Singapore still needs a mainframe, too. Starbucks Singapore is accepting its own cards once again after days offline. But Starbucks won't accept Singapore-issued cards outside Singapore nor even at Singapore Changi Airport Starbucks locations. Anybody know why I should allocate precious wallet space to a Starbucks Singapore card?

by Timothy Sipples May 25, 2011 in Business Continuity, Security


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I thought Starbucks did have its own mainframe? I've never had any issues paying with my card..

Posted by: Scott | Aug 5, 2011 8:58:18 AM

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