A Century for IBM, Half a Century for Bob

IBM celebrates its official centennial this week on Thursday, June 16. By sheer coincidence — or with impressive planning! — Robert Neidig celebrates 50 years of service to IBM on the same day. Bob now serves as the Program Director for the System z Project Office, focusing on mainframe sales in Asia. His first day at IBM was June 16, 1961. I have absolutely no memory of that day because I was several years away from being born, and that was also about four years before first shipments of the IBM System/360 machines. In other words, that was a long time ago.

The Mainframe Blog congratulates Bob on his 50 years of IBM service and his contributions to the IT industry. We also wish him the best in his next 50 years. And if you've seen Bob or worked with him, you know that's the least we can expect.

by Timothy Sipples June 15, 2011 in People


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