Travelodge Needs a Mainframe (Updated)

The hotel chain faces fines up to £500,000.

UPDATE #1: The Arizona Department of Public Safety needs more safety: a mainframe.

UPDATE #2: Starbucks Singapore still needs a mainframe. It's Monday in Singapore, and Starbucks Singapore cards aren't working at Starbucks Singapore shops again. That's just ridiculously, embarrassingly bad. It's the payment equivalent of going to Starbucks and discovering they've run out of coffee. Memo to Starbucks Singapore: Call NCS, First Data, and/or IBM, ask them for a mainframe-hosted payment card solution, and fix this problem already. Sincerely, your caffeine-addicted (and now dwindling) customer base.

Meanwhile, over at The Coffee Bean shops in Singapore, there's a buy one get one free promotion if you use your Visa payWave card. Visa has a mainframe and uses it. Last I heard they've had a total of a very few seconds of outage (planned and unplanned combined) over the past decade plus — if you merely swiped (or waved) twice, you wouldn't have noticed.

UPDATE #3: To give you a better idea how serious this problem is, the Starbucks Singapore shop near my office has a corporate-issued (and professionally made) "Our cards aren't working" sign posted atop the counter. In other words, Starbucks cards are so unreliable the corporate office had to issue signs to its shops, similar in quality and appearance to its menu boards.

My dear Starbucks friends: do you make your coffee with portable electric tea kettles? Pick the right tool for the job. That would be a mainframe for payments. Mainframes work, and you can buy or rent one. In the meantime, if you need some help you can find me over at The Coffee Bean.

by Timothy Sipples June 24, 2011 in Business Continuity, Security


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Citigroup also needs a mainframe to avoid stolen credit card data.

Oh, wait... ;)

Posted by: fn | Jun 27, 2011 6:48:50 AM

Except Citibank didn't use it (their mainframe). See here:

Posted by: Timothy | Jun 27, 2011 8:36:38 AM

ok, was just a try ;)

DB, Dec 1, 2003 maybe ;) Loss was a bit bigger...

(I am pro mainframe, but I don't like these XXX needs a mainframe. It should read: XXX needs someone who can set up an approprieate infrastructure (incl. maybe a mainframe))

Posted by: fn | Jun 27, 2011 4:24:22 PM

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