Brief News Roundup for Mid-August, 2011

Here are some interesting mainframe-related stories from around the world:

  1. ComputerWeekly interviews 18-year old Danish mainframe engineer John Prehn.
  2. Data Center Journal reports on "Big Iron Today: The State of Mainframes." Answer: The state is excellent.
  3. T3 Technologies, TurboHercules, and Neon Software Enterprises have withdrawn their complaint lodged with the European Union's antitrust authorities against IBM. T3 and Neon both lost U.S. court cases against IBM earlier this year.
  4. The Wall Street Journal writes: "Behind the Youthful Sales Surge for IBM Mainframes."
  5. Aptly named Micro Focus is looking for a white knight. Meanwhile, Compuware and BMC beat earnings estimates.

by Timothy Sipples August 15, 2011 in Cloud Computing, Current Affairs, People


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