Candidate for Lamest Excuse Not to Share Machines

Overheard from a data center manager (closely paraphrasing): "We have to buy separate machines because that's a separate business unit."

That manager made that assertion while sitting next to his company's data center. The building, power supplies, cooling systems, networking, fire suppression systems, security guards, telephones, lighting systems, and numerous other components of that data center — including his (too high?) salary — are all shared across business units. No, each business unit does not have its own data center. They somehow figured out how to share everything except the servers? Really?

What a lame excuse! Unfortunately his company is losing marketshare and has been roundly criticized for its poor efficiency and demonstrably awful IT security. I hope that manager figures out a way to help his company, quickly.

The zEnterprise 196's partitioning (LPARs) has been certified according to Common Criteria EAL5+ standards. No other business server's virtualization has achieved that sophisticated standard, which is equivalent to separate servers. Yes, you can share mainframes — even across businesses, not only business units. Practically everybody who owns mainframes does just that and enjoys the efficiencies.

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by Timothy Sipples August 12, 2011 in Cloud Computing, Economics


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