Come On, Irene: Tips for Disaster Preparation

The most important news in the world is that a Category 1 or maybe 2 hurricane will come close to the centers of the universe. That would be Washington, D.C., and New York City, of course, which have the biggest populations of English speaking journalists. I remember when a Category 4 didn't get so much TV coverage, and I'm a young intern compared to Bob Neidig.

Hurricanes happen. Even if the TV networks get way too excited about them, they deserve respect. IBM reminds us about preparing for disasters in a timely press release.

By the way, if you (or your service provider) have got a couple mainframes spread across a couple different sites, and you are reasonably competent in using them at least to support your critical business processes, congratulations. "Irene" should blow but not bite. And if you've got some hurricane stories to share, please post them in the comments.

by Timothy Sipples August 26, 2011 in Business Continuity, Current Affairs


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