Goldman Sachs Needs a Mainframe

"To our Valued Clients, Due to unexpected trade processing delays, we are experiencing custody reporting delays. We apologize in advance for this inconvenience...."

(Blank) Needs a Mainframe is an ongoing series of posts to The Mainframe Blog, offered as a public educational service to our readers. Mankind always strives for perfection, but unfortunately perfection is not yet obtainable. However, when you need IT service delivery that's as close as possible to perfection, you need a mainframe, or maybe a couple — and you must use them, end-to-end, for the business services that must be delivered as perfectly as possible. Anything else simply isn't the best — and could cost you and your clients billions in the midst of a global financial crisis. Which would be...inconvenient.

by Timothy Sipples August 5, 2011 in Business Continuity, Economics


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I suspect GS has mainframes doing the backend $$$ processing. Unfortunately, they probably have a lot of Wintel boxes interfacing with customers and the outside world.

My current employer (for the next few months) has a mainframe and several hundred servers.
Five DR tests: - mainframe operational every time. Never got the critical servers operational. Decision: find what works and what doesn't work, then go with what doesn't work (job security?). The mainframe is being phased out.

Posted by: RayS | Aug 5, 2011 11:28:09 PM

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