SK Communications Needs a Mainframe

This report, which details the July intrusion into Korea's largest telecommunications company, an intrusion which resulted in unknown hackers collecting the personal details of up to 35 million Korean citizens, is absolutely chilling and horrifying.

by Timothy Sipples September 27, 2011 in Security


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It is almost criminal for a large telecommunications supplier with that many customers to keep their customer information on systems that are so easily compromised. Too often responsible individuals do not do due diligence, and happily run off and implement the latest idea without considering how updates and security are managed. If they had been running z/OS or z/VM with several guest z/OS systems, this kind of intrusion, where fake DLLs are installed, simply could not have happened. People often forget that there is 50 years of secure development and intellectual effort in mainframe systems, and that the knowledge about how to compromise them is not available to the kinds of hackers who can easily exploit Windows type systems. The people who chose and implemented the SK telecoms systems need to have their knuckles rapped.

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