Utah Department of Health Needs a Mainframe

Hackers, perhaps from Eastern Europe, stole the personal details of over 24,000 of Utah's Medicaid beneficiaries from a "server" operated by the Utah Department of Technology Services.

DTS has an "interesting" perspective: "The health department uses 125 of the state’s 520 servers.... 'We pride ourselves on our lean government.'" Those numbers are certainly not "lean" if you have mainframes. Raise your hand if you have 520 or even 125 mainframes. Oh, and I seriously doubt the State of Utah has 520 servers. Those are only the ones DTS knows about, and maybe not even that. For example, I doubt it includes servers at Utah's public universities.

The Utah DTS spokesperson goes on to imply that the solution to secure all those "lean" servers is...to hire more IT staff.

by Timothy Sipples April 8, 2012 in Security


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