Oracle Loses Court Case v. HP, Will Appeal

Judge James Kleinberg has ordered Oracle to continue porting some of its software products to HP Itanium servers for as long as HP cares to build the machines. The Oracle software products include those that existed on HP Itanium servers as of September, 2010. The judge even ordered that the products must be complete, fully tested, tuned, supported, and released at the same time as other platforms — which is hard even when you want to deliver something. Tuning is especially different on Itanium.

In a previous post I wondered whether any court would order Oracle to continue doing something it clearly didn't want to do, doubting whether such a remedy would be viable. Well, apparently a judge thinks this particular remedy is operable. We'll see.

Naturally Oracle is appealing the decision.

Would you buy such a software and server combination?

by Timothy Sipples August 2, 2012 in Systems Technology


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